It has become clear over the past two days that our distribution experiment is still leaving some people without adequate legal access to the report.  We have created an MPEE Support Group on Facebook to help resolve this situation. Through the MPEE Support Group, readers trapped behind the paywall can reach out to those in MPEE free regions. The latter can then freely, legally acquire the report and send it back to those behind the wall.  Unlike the usual Facebook group, the MPEE Support Group comes with several types of membership.

Bronze Membership: I like MPEE.

Silver Membership: Silver Members agree to help those trapped behind the paywall acquire the MPEE report for free in cases where they will neither pay $8 (or $2000) nor find it elsewhere. This will generally involve sending them a copy on request.

Gold Membership: In addition to the responsibilities of Silver Membership, Gold Members are willing to help reverse the flow of reports, bringing hard copies of MPEE from the US to university and law libraries outside the paywall zone–if we can send or give you copies.

Please signal your membership plan in posts or replies and, in the case of Gold Members, which cities or libraries you may be able to assist with. (Yes, we’d really like to hear from you about that).

Thanks for your help with this,

The MPEE team