We are very happy to announce the release of Media Piracy in Emerging Economies, the first large scale, comparative, independent study of media piracy and enforcement.

A number of the authors will be blogging over the next weeks to talk about the issues raised by the report and respond to questions.  We hope you’ll take a closer look.  We’ve made some smaller portions available under Resources for those looking to test the water before going in.

If you’re near NYU and want to come to the launch event on Wednesday, March 9, 5:30, here’s the info (rsvp preferred).

12 thoughts on “MPEE Released!

  1. Sounds like a nice report, I was interested until I found it was published under a ridiculous GeoIP-based “license” to punish the consumers and taxpayers of the very countries that invented, developed, and freely made available the very technologies you are using to distribute this report, such as TCP/IP? Very hypocritical. Not interested in what else you might have to say after a stunt like that, since it seems you are more of a media stunt than actual science.

  2. Hey, J.R. The license tries to translate into licensing terms one of the points we’re trying to make with this report. If you’re uncomfortable with it, it’s doing its job. Please feel free to look into the usual “notorious markets” for infringing content to find a copy, if you don’t feel like shelling out 8 bucks for this. We want the report to be read, and we don’t care how you get to read it.

    For more info on the Consumer’s Dilemma license:


  3. Hi J.R. it is interesting that you mention that it is unfair that places and people who have helped in the generation of technologies or forms of knowledge are unable to access freely the products of their own knowledge. I agree, but perhaps we could also think of other situations where this is true. For instance in the social sciences there are innumerable books and thesis written about India based on field work in India, where the books themselves are not available in India, or the the thesis are locked up in expensive databases like Proquest.

    One example of a book that I admire is Emma Tarlo’s Book on clothing an the nationalist movement in India. The Hard cover of the book costs $80 on Amazon and with shipping costs to India, it comes to close to $110 not to mention that it takes up to a month and a half to get the book

    I would imagine that many readers and librarians would face the same Consumer’s dilemma, but with most books, unlike with media, you don’t even have the choice of figuring out the pirating option

  4. Copyright law is one of the oldest Intellectual Property Rights. It was designed and used to protect the author and to let him/her reap the benefits of the intellectual labour. Over the last decennia it has become a tool in the hands of the ‘middleman’ to protect their interests. But these same ‘middleman’ have used contract law and ignorance by the owners of the copyright to strengthen their own position and its is mostly these middleman that have been able to lure their own governments into strict legislation that has been proven not to work.

    So why not use the strong copyright law (in the hands of the authors) and the internet to let authors manage their own rights. As far as I have been able to determine the reach of the report it did not approach the issue from out this angle.

    I like the cd license under which the report has been published.

    Jan from the Netherlands

  5. That’s pathetic. Do you really expect to shell out eight bucks for a piece of nonsense?

    Make no mistake, in time most of the people will get the nonsense of copyright and they’ll change their behavior. In the paying countries, too.

  6. Just wanted to ask if Turkey is on the list or there is a geoip error, since sometimes google thinks I’m in UK. Also if it is in the list can you tell me why?

    1. Aha. The mistake is ours. Turkey was mistakenly included on the paywall list. We’ll fix that by Monday. Thanks for pointing it out.

      1. Still the same. Maybe the geoip system is borked? Here is a speedtest result showing my isp if this helps setup your geoip system.

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