About Media Piracy in Emerging Economies


This remarkable study should be required reading for anyone concerned with copyright and enforcement, or with the challenges of cultural globalization

– Gilberto Gil, musician and former Brazilian minister of culture

Somewhat epic… The whole report is really fascinating, and an incredibly useful read for policy makers who are so focused on things like ACTA, enforcement and industry claims of “losses.” It really is a huge contribution to the research on these topics — and something that I hope gets delivered to policy makers. I’d send copies to various politicians myself… if it weren’t for that license that tells me I could face five years in jail for doing so. Update: Clearly, I missed that this is pure satire by the report’s authors. Such is life when I’m so used to seeing such things that are real.

– Mike Masnick, Techdirt

The entire report is a must-read

– Michael Geist, Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law, University of Ottawa

Massive and wonderful… An astonishing work of cooperative international scholarship, and really ought to fundamentally change the debate about intellectual-property enforcement in arenas with names like WIPO and USTR. But I fear that it’s too sensible and empirical for that.

– Felix Salmon, Reuters

Given the scope and rigour of this report, I think it will go down as a decisive moment when the discourse around piracy changed fundamentally.

– Glyn Moody, Computerworld UK and author, Rebel Code

The Social Science Research Council’s study is a landmark in the copyright literature: an actual empirical investigation into what works and what doesn’t in the enforcement arena. If policy makers want to be guided by evidence and not rhetoric, they will begin with the Council’s study and stay with it for a very long time.

– William Patry, senior copyright counsel, Google