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The Rise of the Robo Notice

Jennifer Urban and I just published a preview of our work on notice and takedown in the Communications of the ACM (currently paywalled but accessible through most universities).  Here’s the gist of it: As automated systems became common, the number … Continue reading

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Copy Culture by Race and Ethnicity

We’ve looked at the difference age makes to copying and downloading (a lot), and gender (not much), and politics (not much).  How about race/ethnicity? Well, it makes some. Here is our sequence of questions about attitudes toward sharing music.

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NPD Confidential 3: In Which We Defend Ourselves Against Charges of Drunk Blogging and Practicing Math Without a License

Some weeks ago, we published a lengthy blog post called Where do Music Collections Come From?  which discussed findings from our Copy Culture survey of 1000 Germans and 2300 Americans. Some of the data demonstrated that P2P file sharers (who … Continue reading

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Male Copiers are from Mars. Female Copiers are also from Mars

Are you a teenage boy/downloading fiend worried about stereotypical portrayals of your media habits?  We can at least partly alleviate your concerns.  It’s not all teenage boys.  We find no significant gender differences in participation in copy culture (using our … Continue reading

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Unauthorized File Sharing: Is It Wrong?

We’re kicking off our Copy Culture in the US and Germany pre-release festivities with a fresh(ish) look at an old question: is unauthorized file sharing wrong?  Or more properly: do Americans think it’s wrong?

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File Sharing and the Greek Crisis

What else is going on in Greece these days? Did you guess: a major crackdown on Greek file sharing sites? On this subject, I’m very pleased to publish a guest essay by Dr. Petros Petridis of Panteio University in Athens. … Continue reading

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As last week’s arrest of Megaupload owner Kim Dotcom emphasized, the main character in the SOPA/PIPA debate is the foreign thief.  He’s everywhere—robbing Americans of their creativity, jobs, and money.  Worse, he’s enjoying himself.  As the Chamber of Commerce put … Continue reading

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The Copy Culture Survey: Infringement and Enforcement in the US

COPY CULTURE: INFRINGEMENT AND ENFORCEMENT IN THE U.S.  (PDF) The U.S. House of Representatives is now debating the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)—the counterpart to the Senate’s PROTECT IP Act.  If passed, the bill will expand criminal penalties for copyright … Continue reading

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