HADOPI Says: Let’s Try Cutting off Nose to Spite Face

Torrentfreak wrote last week about what is apparently the latest study to show that filesharers are also disproportionately the high-end spenders on media goods–in this case with regard to movies, which is a significant result since movie piracy is often said to have a high rate of substitution for legal sales.  The funny part is that the study isn’t available because it was (allegedly) buried by its unnamed sponsor.  But apparently someone at the German firm that conducted it, GfK, was sufficiently annoyed to leak the story.  Mike Masnick then noted that this is the latest in a pretty long line of studies to show  correlation between filesharing and media spending.

But Mike didn’t include one of my recent favorites:  a study released last January by the French HADOPI organization, which is responsible for implementing the French 3-strikes law to disconnect repeat file sharers from the Internet.  Here’s the relevant slide (h/t Jeremie). Continue reading “HADOPI Says: Let’s Try Cutting off Nose to Spite Face”