The Consumer’s Dilemma license is a work in progress and we are still responding to feedback from readers.  Today, we’ve taken two steps to clarify and expand access for those still trapped behind the paywall.  For the purposes of the license:

1) we have categorized journalism as a non-commercial activity, removing any confusion about whether struggling New York Times or Huffington Post reporters face the dilemma at the $8 level or the $2000 level (the answer is $8).*

2) we have recategorized policymakers and their staffs as residents of middle or low income countries, which in the US IP policy arena is almost certainly how many of them feel during their period of penury in public service (see Chapter 2).  This allows them to download the report for free.

Chris Dodd, we will reserve a free copy for you if you act quickly.

*Alternatively, you can just write and ask for a copy.

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